Hovercraft Racing

Hovercraft Racing

It is a game about racing against the computer in a hovercraft competition
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Hovercraft Racing is a simple racing game in which you compete against two computer players. The objective is to complete the ten laps as quickly as possible before your opponents. The game is very simple, but the hovercraft is not very easy to control. You accelerate it using the up arrow key, and you use the left and right arrow keys to turn. You will have to play for a while until you manage to master the controls.
This game can be played online or you can download to play on your computer without an internet connection. However, you will need internet connection if you wish to publish the results on any of the social sites (Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter) or send an email to a friend. No matter if you lose, you will get a score for your timing.
The game features very simple graphics, with a few sounds and no music. If you wish you can also set the game to play in full screen from the options menu.
In short, I really wouldn't waste my time with Hovercraft racing because there are much better free racing games out there, and this one will only give you a headache.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to learn
  • Free


  • No music
  • The vehicle is very easy to control
  • Only one level
  • Boring
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